December News

What is Happening…

“Good to Hear Your Voice”:

We still have a few books left for sale. If you need books, contact Yvonne Miranda. All money goes to her, probably at our next gathering in December. Author contributors keep $5 of every book sold.


Yvonne Sandoval is our membership contact. If you know of anyone who needs information, have them contact her. Invite friends to meetings and events.

Business Plan:

I am developing  a baby business plan for LELA which I hope I can present to the group in January and which we can modify in 2018. 


Think about becoming a member of INAoPS (International Association of Peer Supporters). I hope to get us on board as an organization in the next year. If you have time, look them up online along with CAMHPRO.

Newsletter and Website:

I am continuing to write articles on and putting them up on Facebook and LinkedIn. I would still like to get a Newsletter out on Facebook soon; a lot is happening. If you would like to be involved in writing, art or photography, please do not send them to my Messenger. Use Gmail.


I think our website is a priority. It must be well-thought through and funded. Until then, we can continue to distribute and connect on Facebook, Lived Experience LA. If you find anyone with skills in this area, please, please let me know.

Macro Advocacy with Project Return:

Some of our members are working with Jason to go to Sacramento to let them know how seriously we need mental health in L.A. County.

Mindfulness Workshop, PCC: 

Yvonne, Yvonne and I are planning a workshop at PCC for finals week. We do not yet have an exact date and time. I have not kept all of you in the loop on this since I know you are all brutally busy. If you would like to attend, give me a call.

Partying with Yvonne: 

We are planning to meet with Yvonne for a party on December 29, Friday. We will let you know the address and time.

Arts & Crafts:

For those of you with artistic talent or can get products having to do with mental health, continue to develop your work. We may be able to sell them next year at the Farmer’s Market and later on Facebook and 10% would go to LELA.

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