Center for Peer Advocacy

  • Auditorium for Performance, Practice and Meetings
  • Wellness Center with Classrooms
  • Drop In Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Radio Podcast
  • Museum for history and arts
  • Store

Employment of Peer Advocates in the Mental Health System 

  • Resources for Education and Employment for Peer Advocates
  • Website with Expression, Store, Information and Resources
  • Active Engagement to Find Jobs
  • Development of Mental Health Commissioners, Therapists, Social Workers and Female Police Assistants

Employment for chronic, intermittent mentally ill 

  • Basic education in grammar, Spanish language, math, writing and computer skills
  • Print materials to be distributed on the street, including a magazine and lists of mental health resources
  • A business center for training and sharing of computer space
  • Resources to community
  • Connection with Community Colleges
  • Community business franchise for sales of mental health services and products
  • Websitefor sales of arts & crafts, services such as tutoring, graphic design, data entry

and support group leadership in conjunction with trained, experienced peer advocates

  • Mentoring program for job skills training and entry-level employment
  • Constant inflow of connection to peer advocates who are employed

Residential Treatment 

  • 2-year voluntary program with intensive, tri-weekly psychotherapy.
  • Training in relationship management, boundaries, peer advocate history,  LGBTQ, race, current events, DBT, CBT, WRAP
  • Free expression of arts, writing, music
  • Health education, including nutrition, physical activity and sports
  • Earning and money management
  • Computer skills in office applications, data entry, social media and graphic design

Community Outreach 

  • Website
  • Residential Action Plan Groups (Homeless Peers in Leadership)
  • Activism on college campuses,  including Online, and groups in WRAP and HOP
  • Support Groups in Churches, Board & Cares, Convalescent Homes, Jails and Hospitals
  • Crisis Outreach Teams to Pair with Police for crises connected to mental illness
  • Emergency warm rooms or respite centers near hospitals run by educated peer advocates
  • Farmers Markets
  • Churches, Schools, Libraries, Bookstores
  • Mental Health Business Franchises – Yoga, Arts, Meditation, Crisis Counseling, Ad Council


Organizational Connection 

Just as individuals need to be strong and independent and aware of our own unique gifts, disabilities and insight, individual peer organizations must be strong, self-sustaining and independent, coming together to share our experiences, our hope and our strengths.


Southern California

  1. LELA
  2. Project Return
  1. Los Angeles County Client Coalition
  2. Latino Coalition
  3. Asian Coalition
  • Peer Action for Change
  • Painted Brain
  1. Department of Mental Health
  1. State
    1. Camphro
  2. National
    1. MHA
    2. INAPS
  1. NAMI
  1. International
    1. UN


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