PRPSN Macro Advocacy Training by Ryan Rebueno

In government and in local council meetings, there is not enough of a voice from people with lived experience of mental suffering. Project Return’s Macro Advocacy Training teaches us how to effectively get our voices heard. It leads toward an advanced class with an option to go to Sacramento to talk to our politicians.

Advocacy is the act of speaking on the behalf of or in support of another person, place or thing. It is asserting ourselves to get your needs or other’s needs met. It starts with ourselves. Consumers and family members have a stake in public mental health, as does community organizations, service providers, educators,  law enforcement, and the general public.

There are two ways to advocate. You can go from the outside by focusing on what seems right, or you can go from within the system, which requires more diplomacy, often the more practical route. We have to learn to combine our passion for our ideals with the skills of an advocate.

There are effective ways to bring mental health issues to the attention of lawmakers. One way is to actively attend decision-making planning boards & councils at the local or state level, but first it incredibly important that we learn to give effective public comment. PRPSN’s Macro Advocacy Training gives an excellent tutorial on that.This training in intense and in-depth. If you want to enact positive change in the mental health system I highly recommend this training.



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