Like A Union Station by Jane Engleman

LELA is a collection of travelers. We are peer professionals, volunteers and supporters who look forward to the day when social mental health is as common as gym memberships, coffeeshops, museums, and transportation hubs. We want to provide a space for peer advocates to be effective in bringing mental health to the general public.

A space for peer advocates might be something like a spiritual union station. Union Station in L.A. is a wonderful space where you can find trains, maps, beautiful fountains and an aquarium, architecture, and genuine piano music from Chopin to Scott Joplin. It is where you can find travelers from all over the world.

LELA wants to be a center for peer advocates to congregate, learn and support each other. We also want to reach out to people who have suffered but are afraid to try to find mental health because of the extreme stigma in this country. We intend to do this by establishing work and support groups for peer professionals and by providing fun or informational events to bring peer advocates together with the general community.

This month, on September 20, 7pm, we will be meeting at the East L.A. Library, 4837 E. Third St., Los Angeles, 90022. We will be reading from our new book, “Good to Hear Your Voice.”

Later we hope to hold events to invite the community to meet with us in a casual setting, such as a picnic, bowling, an evening of comedy, or a trip to the Broad. Whatever busy peer advocates can come up with.

Until we can find a permanent meeting place, our Directors Circle has been meeting together at the East L.A. Library. Come join us! We play with sanity.

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